Beautiful Baby Elephant Takes A Tumble Chasing Birds And My Heart Can’t Take The Awesomeness

About This Video:

Animals are great to be around and sometimes all you need to lighten up your day is to watch animals in action. They tend to do things whole heartedly and even though they mess up sometimes, they still look cute while doing it.

Elephants are best known for being huge and because of their size most people do not tend to associate elephants with the words cute or fun. I for one did not do that either, well at least before watching this video. I just moved with the stereotypical phrases that elephants have a good memory but they are certainly not fun. This little baby elephant had me change my mind. I now strongly believe that elephants are some of the cutest animals on the planet. Elephants are cheerful, I’m sure we can all agree to that but even though they are cheerful, the baby Elephants or their calves are more playful as compared to the more mature elephants. And the baby elephants tend to think more or less like little children in that they very much long for companionship and friendship and they are really not selective. The can easily become friends with other animals from different species as long as they can play and get along.

The little baby elephant in the video was in such a situation. He was longing for companionship. He soon sported a group of birds and started playing with them by chasing them around and having lots of fun in the process. In chasing the birds, the baby elephant slipped and tumbled making an incredible impression in the process. It was just cute, you should watch it.

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