This Happy Porcupine Thinks He’s A Puppy. Look What Happens When She Rubs His Belly

About This Video:

If you have never seen an animal with identity issues before, then this is something worth a view. Animals are the masters of curiosity. They are great investigators and they sometimes go out of their way to figure something that they would like to know. This is what makes them really adorable more than anything else.
And sometimes, even though it’s okay to embrace and love yourself, this porcupine is showing us that your possibilities are limitless. Maybe he was made into a porcupine but he wasn’t meant to be one. He wanted to be a dog and he just couldn’t allow anything to prevent hi, from achieving his dream of becoming a dog.
From the video, the reason why this porcupine wanted to be a dog so much is because puppies tend to get a lot of attention from humans, attention that other animals rarely get to enjoy. It shows that animals too long for attention, the attention we rarely give them.
To get the attention, the porcupine did what most puppies would do, roll down on your stomach so that you get to enjoy that sweet and enticing belly rub. I expected the porcupine to bark anytime soon but it didn’t. Still, the video is just priceless and it definitely deserves a view because it’s only once in a lifetime that you will get to come across a porcupine with identity issues.
Even though some protection is required against those sharp quills, I’m sure this is the happiest and chubbiest animal on the planet. This spiked baby loves having his belly rubbed like dogs do, and even has his own happy dance. How can you not fall in love with such a bubbly animal character? This is something worth a view.

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