Their Dog Was Washed Away By Rapids While On Vacation. 10 Days Later, They Had The Sweetest Reunion!

About This Video:

Losing a beloved pet is one of the worst experiences that a family can endure and unfortunately for the family in this story, they were forced to go through the trauma of potentially losing their best friend for good.

When this family went on vacation in the Ontario rapids, they brought their dog along for the fun, but they never imagined what would happen next. Kali the dog was washed away by the current unexpectedly during the vacation and while David Kareken and friend spent hours searching for their lost pet, they came up empty.
After an exhaustive search that turned up zero traces of Kali, the family had begun to confront the possibility that their pet was gone forever. The Karekens spent days searching for Kali and when their efforts did not lead to a reunion, they decided to bring the vacation to a halt and head home.

What happened next made their day!

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