This Guy Travels The World to Show Strangers This Dance. Then Puts it all Together In Amazing Fashion!

About This Video:

When passion overtakes you, you will definitely do all it takes to make sure that whatever you are pursuing works. Like the guy in this video, he had a passion of dancing but that wasn’t only his passion. He had another one of trying to make sure that all other people around the world from Africa, to Asia, to Australia know a dance move which I think he pioneered.

And yes, the guys’ dancing skills are on par, the guy knows what he’s doing anyway. The other reason why this guy went through all that he did for just teaching people a dance move is because he understands that dance has a unifying factor. A sad day can get exciting by just doing a one minute dance routine. This young man’s name is Matt Bratt and he decided to leverage on the power of dance mainly to bring people of different cultures together. And Oh yeah, he did that so successfully. Matt used a very simple concept in achieving this by just driving 10000 miles and making frequent stops along the way to teach people a routine to JR JR’s song, “Gone.”

And yes, he was filming the whole thing, edited the videos and posted them to his YouTube channel named Projectonelife. Matt kept in mind to keep one thing very simple, his moves. He kept them so simple that anyone who put thought to it could easily learn so that the whole process doesn’t become too complicated.

At the end of it all, there was meaning. Matt wanted to prove that though we may seem different on the outside, there is more to us than what meets the eye. We are very common beings. In this video, Matt made a massive compilation of the various people he danced and had fun with. The video is just a joy to watch.

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