Kiss Cam Zooms In On This Couple. Everyone Expected Big Kiss, Then Something Unexpected Happened

About This Video:

Guys, this is why you should never bring those girls who have friend zoned you to sporting events. Because, seriously, just look at this guy and what’s happening I couldn’t believe my eyes. Can you just imagine the embarrassment of such a situation?

Nevertheless, I also have an opinion on why the people of this country loves sports so much. Kiss cams, yeah! Just coming to the guys’ defence for a minute, before we are quick to judge, maybe the girl who was sitting besides him was his sister or aunt or a cousin and not his girlfriend. We can’t blame the guy or call him scared just because the camera man couldn’t see through the lens of his camera.

But nevertheless, when that kisscam zoomed in on the two, people were expecting some action. Not the hockey action but the big smooch action. Well, to their disappointment, it didn’t happen. Ooooh, poor hockey supporters!

The sporting event was the Minnesota Gophers men’s hockey game. Although I said the girl might have been the guy’s sister and not necessarily his date, I might have to take back that point for a minute to make this interesting.

The guy was sitting besides his date and the ‘you know what’ zoomed in directly on the guy on his date. Of course, when such a thing happens, 75% of the people will stare at the big screen expecting some ‘hot’ action but this didn’t happen at all.

A simple rule of the kiss cam is this, once it looks at you, you have to kiss the person seated next to you. Failure to do this will result in what I may refer to as a lifetime embarrassment as what happened to this guy. Lucky enough, the guy bought a paper to stare down on so that he may evade his embarrassing moment with ease. Good for him!

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