They Line Up With Their Dogs, But It’s The One On The Left You’ll Want To Watch. LOL!

About This Video:

Dog racing has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who would race their pups in order to determine who was the strongest, or more accurately, the weakest of all of them.

Typically, dog racing at a professional level includes a dog breed called Greyhounds; long, skinny, agile creatures that are able to sprint, while appearing as a cheetah to the rest of us mammals on the side line. These dogs are beautiful, graceful, and wonderful creatures, but they can’t compare to the beasts of today’s race.

For this group of friends, their Dachshunds and their friends family pool seemed like the perfect alternate to the long-legged Greyhounds we all know and love. It’s hot outside, they were all swimming, and of course their dogs deserve to get in on the fun too!

Watch the race below:

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