Loving Husband Plants Thousands of Trees to Honor Late Wife. 17 Yrs Later, Aerial Photo Shows The Secret

About This Video:

The journey from dating to marriage can be both amusing and interesting. When one stands on the altar and say their vows. That part when they say forever, most people really want it to be forever, they want it to last.
But well, nature doesn’t usually grant this wish. Although we may want love to last forever, it normally doesn’t and that’s not our fault. It’s just how this world was designed and we really can’t blame ourselves for that anyway.
This man who goes by the name Winston Howes had been enjoying life with his wife Janet almost 33 years until in 1995 when his wife accepted natures call. The sad part was that it was sudden and happened unexpectedly because Janet had a heart failure.

According to Winston, although he could no longer physically see Janet, she always had his heart. So Winston, had to develop a new hobby, planting trees.
He planted a lot of trees that went into thousands. The most amazing thing is that he was doing all this for his dear wife Janet. But there was more to these trees than just a memorial, in fact they spoke a message. A message that had to be discovered 17 years later. The trees were planted in a pattern that left a small heart shaped hole at the middle. The purpose of the hole? A place for Winston to seat and mourn Janet from.

This is just spectacular and unbelievable. The guy who had to discover this was beyond shocked, to him, the story of Winston and Janet was one of the best love stories he had ever seen. It was even incomparable to any romance novel or film. Just amazing.

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