Puppy Is Sad At Shelter, Until He Realizes The Man Who Saved Him From Abuse Is Looking Right At Him.

About This Video:

Dogs are highly emotional animals and they feel a lot of things deeply when they happen. The cruelest thing a person can do is to emotionally abuse a dog. They will just immensely feel the abuse on a deeper level. It’s something that affects me on a really deep level because these animals cannot represent themselves, so they need a voice to stand out for them.

In the video, Mojo, a pit bull had experienced abused from his owners for a larger part of his life. The three month-old pit bull puppy had been starved, dehydrated and suffering from a severe skin disease. This went on for some time until a kind man, Joey Wagner came to the rescue of the puppy when he heard about him.

Joey’s compassionate side took the greater part of his him and he just could not allow the cute little pitbull to suffer any longer. Joey went out of his way to rescue the little puppy successfully even though a vet assessed that the puppy was left with only a few months to live.

But alas, the puppy survived. And had to go through several months of rehabilitation and throughout this whole period, the little puppy did not have to meet Joey. When Joey came back to see the puppy, the medical staff wasn’t sure if Mojo would remember him but Mojo’s reaction was beyond comprehendible when he saw Joey.

And as if the cuteness was not enough, Joey ended up adopting Mojo because nobody else would. What an amazing video.

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